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Ears that stick out too far can often make people self-conscious, affecting their overall confidence. Luckily, the talented plastic surgeons at Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery are equipped to address this cosmetic issue, providing simple, safe otoplasty procedures from their Downtown Los Angeles office.

Using minimally invasive techniques, you can easily have your ears reshaped and pulled back to a normal position. If you’d like to hear more about what goes into getting an otoplasty, call or schedule a consultation online today.

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What is an Otoplasty?

An otoplasty is a procedure which is designed to help in both reshaping and also pulling the ears back to a more normal position. For some patients the ears may be misshapen due to a lack of a critical structure called the antihelix. In this case a new antihelix is created in a minimally invasive manner with an incision made behind the ear. The specific techniques in which this is done is customized to each patient to help insure a symmetric result that does not have an “operated” look to the ear.

In other patients the ears appear to be protruding despite the otherwise normal appearance to the ears themselves. This can be due to cartilage excess and is a condition patients are usually born with versus an acquired problem. Again, a procedure can be tailored to fix this problem which involves a minimally invasive incision made behind the ear to address the cartilage excess. This is a highly successful procedure with extremely gratifying results.

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What can I expect after an Otoplasty?

Patients will go home the same day with a dressing that covers the ear to help maintain symmetry and also help prevent complications. Post operatively patients will be seen in one to three days to inspect results and incisions. Antibiotic ointment is to be used on the incisions behind the ears twice a day for two weeks.

Additionally, patients are instructed to wear a headband for approximately two weeks after surgery. Swelling is typically complete after 2-4 weeks but results can gradually be visualized during that time period.

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