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Eyebrows protect your eyes against moisture and communicate emotions. A Los Angeles microblading procedure is noninvasive, semi-permanent tattoo for your eyebrows. A special handheld microblading eyebrow pen draws on strokes to imitate the look of real brow hairs. The procedure is like getting a tattoo but the ink used is less concentrated than a regular tattoo and formulated for microblading. It uses color pigmentation in the brow area to provide the illusion of hair strokes. The pigments will appear to be like real hair.

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What is Microblading

A sharp, handheld blade made up of 7+ microneedles is utilized for the placement of hair like strokes into the skin. The procedure involves a manual blade and only targets the top three layers of skin. The strokes are sharp, crisp, and imitate the look of real hair.

After the procedure, your eyebrows will look darker. The color will fade over time and need a touch up to rejuvenate the natural color. How long your results will last depends on your age, the type of skin you have and how much oil your face produces. Your new brows will last between one to three years depending on the environmental exposure it receives. The color can last up to three years before it starts to fade.

Your Consultation

Here are some suggestions in preparing for microblading in Los Angeles. Stop taking vitamin A (like Retinol) and any Botox treatment at least one month before your procedure. Avoid chemical peels and other facial treatments two or three weeks before your appointment.

Stop taking fish oil or any blood thinners a full week beforehand. Do not wax or pluck your eyebrows two days before your procedure. Washing your hair before coming in for your visit is a good idea given your brows cannot come in contact with water for a week.

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Your Procedure

The esthetician will likely use a topical numbing ointment on the brow area to reduce discomfort during the procedure. There are various options for topical anesthesia and numbing cream available.

The procedure can take up to two hours as your esthetician takes the necessary time to give you the best long-lasting results. A second visit is about retaining and sealing your pigment for the best results and making any final changes to your brows.

Your Recovery

It is normal for your eyebrows to appear darker for a week after your procedure. They may feel sharper because of the scabs and the healing process. There may also be some redness and mild swelling.

Your aftercare instructions include:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are You a Good Candidate for Microblading?

Anyone who benefits from a brow pencil is a great candidate for a Los Angeles microblading procedure. The best candidates for micro blading have normal to dry skin. The results may look softer for people with oily skin and larger pores.

A pregnant woman should avoid this procedure. You may not be a candidate for microblading if you had your brows previously tattooed at a deeper level, had a facial laser treatment, have Rosacea (complications of skin type), currently or have taken Accutane within the past year, have tanned or sunburned skin (wait at least 30 days), used chemical peels (wait at least 60 days), prone to Keloid scarring or have eczema or dermatitis in and around the brow area (conditions that affect pigmentation).

What Are the Risks of Microblading?

There are no major risks, including infection, with microblading as long as all procedures are followed correctly. On rare occasions, some people have had an allergic reaction to the pigments.

What Are the Benefits of Microblading?

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