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Long, full lashes can highlight your eyes and bring out their natural beauty. At Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery, plastic surgeons offer LATISSE® treatment to help grow eyelashes to a more desirable length.

Forget falsies and extensions, Latisse can give you the lashes you’ve always wanted, or restore lash volume you’ve lost over time, with minimal hassle. This FDA-approved treatment comes in the form of a solution you apply to your lashes. Schedule a consultation at this Downtown Los Angeles cosmetic center today to learn more.

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Everyone wants longer, fuller, lashes. Luckily, for those of us not blessed with a naturally false lash look, there’s Latisse. Latisse is an FDA approved lash growth solution clinically proven to grow lashes longer and fuller over time.

The active ingredient in Latisse was originally labeled and used as a glaucoma medication, however, it didn’t take long for glaucoma patients to begin reporting increased length and thickness of their eyelashes. This desirable effect lead to Latisse being marketed as a lash serum to help individuals born with short or sparse lashes, those who have experienced lost lash volume with age or simply those who are seeking a more full and glamorous look.

Now you can ditch the time and hassle associated with falsies, eyelash extensions and mascara for good!

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How To Use Latisse?

Latisse is to be used once nightly after cleansing the eye area, removing all makeup, and applying any eye or face serums that you typically use.

Begin by adding one drop of Latisse into the cap of the bottle. A single drop is more than sufficient for both eyes. Next, take the applicator provided in the box and brush the liquid from the cap onto the lash line as you would with eyeliner. Avoid making direct contact with the eyes. Any excess Latisse in the cap may be brushed into the eyebrows, hairline or anywhere that you desire more hair growth.

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