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If you’re tired of the time, money, and pain associated with waxing or shaving, laser hair removal is an ideal solution you. At Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery, we specialize in smooth skin without all the hassle of traditional methods of hair removal.

Laser hair removal has increased in popularity over the years because of its efficiency and lasting results. Requiring no downtime, treatments can easily fit into a busy schedule

How Does it Work?

Laser hair removal works by targeting the melanin in hair.

The light pulse compromises the hair follicle to prevent future growth without damaging surrounding skin. The premium laser technology used at Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery also incorporates a contact cooling to act as a local anesthetic, making our treatments twice as comfortable as competitive laser services.

Who is a Candidate?

Both men and women benefit from laser hair removal treatments.

Unlike most lasers, our next generation laser technology has sufficient melanin absorption to be able to treat even fine, blonde hairs, and works on all skin tones.

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