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Everyone’s skin can use a touch-up from time to time. At Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery, plastic surgeons provide microneedling procedures, a noninvasive way to fight signs of aging and treat skin conditions like redness, tone problems, or lost volume.

By creating controlled micro-injuries to the surface of the skin, treatment facilitates the production of new collagen and stimulates the skin’s natural healing processes. The results are highly effective and benefit all skin types. To schedule a microneedling procedure at this Downtown Los Angeles cosmetic center, call or use the online booking tool today.

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Imagine using your skins natural healing ability to fight lines, reduce acne scarring and improve texture! Microneedling is a non-invasive practice that can benefit all skin types.

The treatment works through inflicting invisible, vertical micro-injuries to the top layer of skin to stimulate your skins repair process and increase the production of collagen. The result is younger looking skin with more firmness and elasticity, all with little to no downtime involved. This treatment is effective in treating a wide range of concerns such as a loss in volume, acne, fine lines and wrinkles, and uneven skin tone, making it beneficial for patients of all ages.

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What to expect during treatment?

If the patient chooses, a topical numbing may be applied to the skin to reduce discomfort during the microneedling procedure. Once the skin is cleansed and free of makeup, the provider begins the treatment by sectioning the face into notecard sized areas, typically beginning at the forehead and moving to each cheek, chin and nose separately.

The provider uses the microneedling handpiece to make direct contact with the skin as the tiny needle points are expertly and rapidly directed into the areas being treated. This method of microneedling is described as feeling like a strong vibration on the skin, and patients are surprised to find that there is no pain during the procedure. Your provider may focus more heavily on areas of specific concern, such as acne scarring or areas with deeper lines and wrinkles.

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What to expect following treatment?

Immediately following treatment, the skin will be red and mildly swollen. Your provider will apply a medical grade serum to help bring down the redness and speed up healing time. Patients are able to return to normal activity immediately after their appointment as there is no downtime associated with microneedling.

The swelling and redness will subside on their own within 24-48 hours. During the next 2-7 days the skin will self-exfoliate and begin to flake. This process is simply evidence of the damaged tissue being removed from the skin and is a sign that new healthy and collagen-rich cells are making their way to the surface layer of the skin. The dryness can be easily managed with the use of a nightly cleanser and moisturizer. One week after the procedure, patients begin to notice a change in the overall texture and tone of their skin. Pigmentation improvement can be seen typically around 3 weeks, and the smoothing of lines, wrinkles and scars is generally apparent 6 weeks post-treatment.

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