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Acne doesn’t just impact your appearance: Over 90% of acne sufferers have feelings of depression as a direct result of their skin.

At Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery, plastic surgeons offer comprehensive acne treatment with the phototherapy mask, an in-office procedure that prevents and clears breakouts by using infrared technology to kill acne-causing bacteria without pain or downtime. To find out more about the phototherapy mask and how your skin can benefit from treatment, schedule a consultation at this Downtown Los Angeles cosmetic center today.

Phototherapy Mask

The Phototherapy mask is specifically designed to clear and prevent acne breakouts with no downtime and no pain.

Acne is caused by the bacteria Propoonibacterium, which can be killed through an interaction between intense blue wavelengths and porphyrins. This results in reduced inflammation, redness and clearer skin! The mask couples its blue wavelengths with infrared to reduce oil production and shrink the oil glands in the skin, further aiding in the prevention of acne.

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