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A Los Angeles dermaplaning procedure provides an opportunity for a deep exfoliation. It peels off the outer layers of your skin and gets rid of fine hair often called “peach fuzz.” The procedure is quick and done by a trained esthetician using a scalpel to gently scrape the surface of your skin. It also removes dead skin cells.

What is Dermaplaning?

The difference between dermaplaning and shaving is the level of exfoliation because a razor can only go so far. While shaving can be done on a daily basis, dermaplaning should be done at least two weeks apart.

So, why should women consider dermaplaning? Because shaving is good for your skin! Shaving is a gentle exfoliation that is of great benefit to your skin. It removes dead cells and aids in the regeneration of your skin. Shaving removes the dead skin off of your face while exfoliation simply moves the skin around.

Dermaplaning is gentler for your face. You want to get rid of “peach fuzz” because they cause breakouts by clogging your pores. Dermaplaning makes your skin smoother so any product you apply can then penetrate deeper and encourages cellular turnover.

Many women think of shaving as something that will cause their hair to grow darker and thicker when it actually helps exfoliate and regenerate your skin cells. It’s part of why men tend to look a few years younger than their age.

Your Consultation

You will have a chance to ask all of your questions and express your concerns about a procedure and see what experience your surgeon has in a dermaplaning procedure. Some of your questions may be about the process and location of the procedure, the use of anesthesia and the risks involved.

You will find out how long you should expect the recovery time to take and what your realistic expectation should be for improvement after the surgery. The doctor will go over your health history and propose a procedure based on your needs. The feeling of knowing what to expect and feeling good about making the right decision is important prior to the procedure and having the best results possible.

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Your Procedure

Dermaplaning in Los Angeles is a simple facial treatment with an aesthetician using a surgical scalpel and gently scrape the surface of your skin that removes the dead skin cells and the dreaded peach fuzz off of your face. This opens your skin to better absorb skin care products. Dermaplaning clears up the excess dead skin that clog your pores giving you a radiant appearance again.

Dermaplaning is the only form of exfoliation that removes the microscopic hairs on your face and clears out your pores. After your procedure, you will no longer have peach fuzz or prominent hairs that contrast against your foundation when putting on makeup. Your face becomes smooth and soft after dermaplaning.

Your Recovery

Dermaplaning is a simple procedure with no recovery time. There may be some redness. Make sure to wear SPF afterwards to protect your bare skin from UV rays. This procedure is painless and quite relaxing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are You a Good Candidate for Dermaplaning?

Any skin type can receive dermaplaning with the exception of anyone with heavy acne and skin with cyst bumps or pimples which can create inflammation. Dermaplaning is not recommended for people with excess hairs or those suffering from hormone imbalance.

What Are the Risks of Dermaplaning?

Minor side effects include redness for a couple of days and some stubbly shadows under your skin a month after the treatment.

What Are the Benefits of Dermaplaning?

There are numerous benefits of dermaplaning including:

  • It gets rid of your facial hair, including peach fuzz
  • Instrument used for dermaplaning is sharper and goes deeper than any blade you can purchase in a store
  • It exfoliates your skin kicking dead skin cells off your face
  • Dermaplaning does not use any special chemicals and is non-abrasive
  • Your skin will feel so soft and smooth
  • Your skin will have a youthful appearance
  • Dermaplaning deals with anti-aging properties by shaving off the top layer of dead skin and reducing the effects of fine lines and hyperpigmentation giving you a revitalized look.
  • After a dermaplaning procedure, it will be easy to put on makeup on your smooth skin
  • It is painless! It is relaxing!
  • There is no downtime and is done quickly

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