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Why is it important to use sunscreen especially when using Retin-A?

by Dr. Ahmed Maki on Oct 24th, 2016

Retin A will help thicken your dermis and also rebuild collagen while reorienting elastin fibers which is great for you but it also sloughs off the Stratum corneum which is the top layer of epidermis that you see on the outside. This allows any UV rays to penetrate more easily and cause melanocyte changes which will affect hyperpigmentation and aging spots. This easier penetration of uv rays will also allow those rays to more easily penetrate the epidermis and cause damage to the lowest layer of the skin causing atypical cell growth which can lead to skin cancer. So although retin a can help in repairing the skin and even in removing pre cancerous lesions, it can also induce bad cell growth if good sunscreen is not used as well. When using retin A apply over the entire face and wait 5 minutes to then apply your sunscreen. This will allow penetration of the retin A prior to sunscreen application.

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