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What should be performed first when addressing facial aging; face lift, increasing volume through fi

by Dr. Ahmed Maki on Oct 24th, 2016

While there is not a 100% correct answer to this question my thoughts are that the quality of the skin needs to be improved so that you can see increased longevity from a surgical procedure like a face lift. By using retin-a and other skin care products designed to thicken the dermis and retexturize the skin, the facial structures that are repositioned during the surgery will maintain their position for an extended period of time with a thickened dermis anchoring it In place. I usually prefer my face Lift scheduled patients to be on retin a and good skin care for at least two weeks prior to surgery. Our skin care line is designed to thicken collagen, decrease elastin fibrils and reorganize the dermal layer of skin to help in reversing the aging effects that have occurred to the epidermis and dermis.

Also, when considering good skin care consider this; Most people use hot or warm water when washing their faces. Unfortunately for those prone to breakouts and oily skin this will only induce your body to produce more sebum and create a oilier base for comedones. By using cold water you are more likely to reduce the chance for blackheads or oily prone skin. Also applying a exfoliant wash such as Skin Medica's foaming cleanser on the skin and leaving it on for approx 5 minutes, you are allowing the deepest layer of the epidermis to be reached and when done on a consistent basis will notice significant improvement in blackheads. Skin Medica skin care's foaming cleanser which we have began carrying is excellent at accomplishing this.

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