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What is the best age to have a face lift performed?

by Dr. Ahmed Maki on Oct 24th, 2016

When is the best age to have a face lift performed? There is a misconception in the public that the best age for a face lift is 60's or 70's when facial tissues have become remarkably advanced in terms of their descent. This is a fallacy and not true. In fact the earlier a face lift or face Lift is performed in life the better the outcome with better longevity of the result. This is because when we are younger our skin has great tensile strength to it's collagen fibers. This increased tensile strength will help maintain the repositioned facial ligaments in place over the test of time. If a face lift is done in far advanced age however, the ligaments will have a tendency to rebound quickly due to the poor collagen strength of the skin. Thus the ideal age to have any kind of first facial procedure is 40's-50's.

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