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What is an IPL laser and what does it do?

by Dr. Ahmed Maki on Nov 13th, 2017

An IPL laser is a “Intense Pulse Light” laser and it helps in evening skin tone by eliminating vascular lesion, and sun/aging spots. It reduces vascularity associated with superficial blood vessels that come to the surface of the skin. It can be used anywhere on the body including the hands, face, neck, legs and abdomen. The IPL laser functions by emitting a specific wavelength of light that targets the pigments hemoglobin and melanin. Hemoglobin is involved in red blood cells and blood vessels and contribute to the superficial vessels that can arise on the skin surface. Melanin is involved in creating sun and aging spots in the skin. The IPL works by emitting a light wavelength that is then absorbed by melanin and hemoglobin causing the blood vessel wall to break and also the melanin pigment to dissolve. The result is elimination of superficial vessels and vascularity and absorption of melanin by the body which helps in evening skin tone and removal of aging spots. It does take time for this process to work and can take upwards of 3-6 sessions depending on the severity of the skin damage. The laser session itself is virtually painless and the “downtime” usually involved 1-2 days of slight redness. Our team will walk you through every step of the process and recovery (including good post session skin care) to help maximize your results.

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